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Employee Write up Form

An employee write up form is a document that is meant to show an employee’s overall performance in their work with the aim of promoting, demoting, and/or for a disciplinary action which can lead to termination.

The supervisor or manager usually write these forms to the unruly ones. A co-worker can also write this form to the management to report others with bad behavior. The following are the form templates you should know.

Most business owners in our millennial age are facing several issues especially in a society where most employees are conversant to the employment rights and regulations. Some of them sometimes may develop specific character and behavior that eventually may lead to less productivity in the business.

Employee Write up Form

This is where the employer starts giving verbal warnings to the reckless ones. Nevertheless, some don’t change their awful behavior forcing the employer to write formal letters in the form of an employee write up form.

Employee Write up Form

Employee Write up Form

Employee Write up Forms Download

1.   Employee Complaint Form

employee complaint form

This is a write-up form document that is primarily written by an employee of a company to the management or employer with the aim of informing them about some issues at his or her workplace. It is also called concern form. It is usually reported through the Human Resources department in the Relations Office.

This form usually notes down the problems, complaints or issues experienced by the specific worker or his co-workers. Most organizations or entities usually recommend the form be filled within five working days after the occurrence of the problem, issue or incident.

Download Complaint Form


2.   Employee Performance Evaluation Form

Employee Performance Evaluation Form

In this write-up form document, an employee is evaluated and given ratings usually ranging from 1-5. This comprises of the skills that he/she is supposed to have to deliver the expected results.

Some of the skills evaluated include productivity, knowledge of work, quality, flexibility, interest, relations, dependability, oral communication, knowledge, attitude, written communication, problem-solving and habits among others.

Depending on the rating, some comments are given by the supervisor. If the rating is quite poor, there can be termination.

Employee Evaluation Form


3.   Employee Injury Report Form

Employee Injury Report Form

Sometimes injuries in the workplace are unavoidable, and no one is immune to injuries. The workers usually use this form to mention all the injuries related to work. Besides, they can declare illnesses or “near miss” events irrespective of how minor they are. Near miss events include those incidents that could have caused injuries or illnesses.

The essence of filling this form is to help the management identify a hazard and correct it before it causes huge illnesses or injuries.

Employee Injury Report Form PDF

4.   Employee Job Satisfaction Form

Employee Job Satisfaction Form

This write up is mainly to show whether an employee is satisfied with the work and his/her attitude towards the work. It is used to show their happiness because a happy employee is sometimes, if not always, a productive one.

Through this form, the management can know the reasons of employee attitudes, the outcomes of negative or positive satisfaction and how the administration can measure and influence the attitude of their employees.

Employee Job Satisfaction Template PDF

5.   Employee Leave Request Form

Employee Injury Report Form

Office of the human resource usually handles it. It is used by the workers to request for a leave. In this form, they state the reason for the leave which includes your sickness or of a family member, care of a newborn, support of a family member, to develop their business among other reasons.

In a normal entity, every guy is entitled to 30 days of leave per year. A write up is very necessary for documentation purposes.

Injury Report Template PDF

6.   Training and Development of Employee Form

Training and Development of Employee Form

The main aim of T&D is to bring a constructive contribution to the entity. It helps the organization recognize the psychological assumptions used in decision making among the employees and manage them effectively.

Depending on the organization, every worker is entitled to training and development as long as it will bring a positive impact to the overall performance of the organization. The essence of training is how it enables them to understand how the organization functions and what is expected of them in their various development.

Training and Development Form


7.   New Employee Welcome Letters

New Employee Welcome Letter

This write up is basically for welcoming new guys into the organization. The letter templates contains a welcome note with the job title that they will resume into. It is usually attached to an introduction of responsibilities and the roles you are supposed to play.

You will also notice an outline of the resources that you need to keep the department running. This is an excellent letter for the company to keep a record of the new guys that are joining the company. All rights reserved.

New Employee Welcome Letter PDF

8.   Employee Warning Form

Employee Warning Notice Form

This write up template is written by the management to a worker who has continually defied the business policy. In the form, the manager or supervisor enlists the reason for receiving a warning.

Some of the reasons for this template include absenteeism, damage of equipment, fighting in the job place, refusal to work for extra hours, rudeness to both your co-workers and your manager, insubordination, violation of policy, failure to meet the standard.

Warning Form

PDF | Word

9. Sample Employee Disciplinary Action Form

Employee Disciplinary Action Form

There are cases where the management gives several verbal warnings to the unruly employee before taking any disciplinary action. To justify the act, the entity comes up with an employee discipline write up template that shows the reason for the disciplinary action and what they will face.

Most disciplinary actions are as a result of absenteeism, carelessness, misconduct, inaccurate work, tardiness, inappropriate dressing, violation of policy, poor quality, failure to follow instructions, breach of the policies of the company, damage of company’s property among others. That’s where these employee discipline forms play a major role.

Disciplinary Action Templates Word

10. Sample Employee Counseling Templates

Employee Counseling Form

This employee’s write-ups usually emerges when the management identifies that a specific staff needs some advice or psychological help to enable them to go through their situations. In case a staff loses all her beloved ones, their performance is likely to reduce and actions need to be taken.

This is where the individual needs some emotional and psychological help to enable them to resume their normal working condition. These forms state the advice or the psychological support needed to be accompanied by the course action to be taken.

Employee Counseling Templates PDF

11. Employee Reprimand Templates

Employee Reprimand FormIn this write-up, the supervisor or manager informs a worker that his or her level is not meeting the set expectations and other aspects of their job. This can be done verbally at first, but if there is no change of behavior, the management may decide to express it in a written format as a proof that it has warned them before in other forms. It usually precedes an employment termination letter in case the guy in question doesn’t change. Make sure date details and terms are mentioned in it with a proper sign.

Employee Reprimand Templates

PDF | Word

12. Sample Employee Termination Letter

Employee Termination Letter This is a common letter written by an employer to an employee or vice versa informing them that their services are not required by the organization anymore. It can also be written by a worker to the management informing them that he or she is no longer willing to offer their services to the entity.

This could be due to mistreatment, bullying, poor payment or expiry of the contract. An organization writes this letter because of misconduct and being unruly among others. Make sure date details and terms are mentioned in it and has a proper sign.

Employee Termination Letter PDF

13. Examples of Employee Appraisal Templates

Employee Appraisal Form In one time or another, the manager or supervisor or a consultant examines the performance of an employee with the set standards. It may involve the amount an individual does daily, their overall volume and their level of consistency in the given task.

After the results are got, the manager gives the feedback to them and indicates the areas that need improvement and the reason behind the need for improvement. If their score is too way below average, the organization may send a warning form to them.

Employee Appraisal Templates PDF

14. Examples of Employee Suggestion FormEmployee Suggestion Form

This is a template that has become common in our days where an employee can suggest the management concerning how to run an individual department. It has become common because of the significant role it is playing in the overall performance of a company.

These forms are, of course, written by employees who are in that specific department; in their area of expertise. The management analyzes their suggestion thoroughly before implementing it to avoid doing something that may lead to the organization’s downfall.

Employee Suggestion Templates PDF

15. Employee Correction Templates

Employee Correction Form

After the management gives an employee warnings both verbally and written concerning their poor work, they may provide a correction form, to communicate to them on the ways he or she can use to improve himself.

This is in case they are still willing to improve his or her performance. If it continues to deteriorate, the management may take another cause of action like terminating them. It acts as a proof against them in case they are fired later. Available in word pdf and other formats.

Download Employee Correction Templates PDF


According to the set standards and legal systems in various entities, the management has to give both verbal and written notices to an employee before terminating them.

The organization should have the capacity to show that they had reached their maximum chances and a specific action was the only alternative. This is after giving them multiple opportunities to change but they could not.

The reason why employee write up forms are essential to the entity is because it acts as proof. In case, there is not enough proof then the company may be forced to re-employ or pay some compensation to the terminated guy.

The company must also warn for a specific hazard and tell its employees not to be around the hazard area. All this should be done in the form of writing. We hope that the above write-ups can help you or your company to avoid being sued.


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