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“A Genuinely Tough Challenge”Mudstacle
“This is an absolutely corking, hardcore muddy race which I’m proud to have completed”Muddyrace.co.uk

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Double Suffering
Triple Suffering


The Suffering Obstacle Race Series consists of 3 distances each designed to challenge you at every twist and turn.

The Suffering 5
Our entry level race is not your standard 5k. A shorter distance doesn’t mean an easy race. You’ll have to battle tough terrain, 15+ obstacles and the punishment dished out by The Reaper Squad.

The Suffering
Are you an experienced OCR? You’ll need to bring your A game because The Suffering 10k is ready and waiting to tear you apart.

Pain & Suffering
This is a whole new level of race. It’s like turning the dial up to 11. More obstacles, Rockingham Castles toughest terrain and Reapers that have only one mission and that is to break you!

Do The Triple And Become A Suffering Legend
Do all 3 races across 2 days and become a Suffering Legend. There is no way to explain what is in store for you, but here goes…
Starting on Saturday with a back to back 5k, 10k this is just the start of your journey. The Suffering isn’t just an obstacle race, it will challenge the very definition of what it is to be a true OC Runner. After doing not less than 15k on Saturday you’ll come back on Sunday, broken from the day before only knowing that the worst is yet to come. A longer distance, harsher terrain, more hills and the Reapers are dialled up to 11… This is not just a challenge, it’s the challenge!

Do you have what it takes to survive the suffering?

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